Buddipole Deluxe Package - Long Version FOR SALE

Larry Warner <larrydwarner@...>

Buddipole Deluxe Package – Long Version            

Knurled Whip Sleeves                                                    

Low Band Coil                                                                      

Extra Versatee                                                                    

Triple Ratio Switch Balun                                                

2 Wire Assembly (for Counterpoise)                          

2 Long Telescopic Whip with Knurled Base Sleeve

Spare Standard Telescopic Whip                                               

Total Price New                                                                $819


After each use male threads were brushed with a brass brush and wiped down with DeoxIT Gold G100.  Whips were wiped down with DeoxIT Gold G100.


Like new, stored in padded Cordura carrying bag (40” long)


Selling as a full kit.  $$425 via PayPal includes shipping in continental US.

Raymond Sills

For anyone who does not have a Buddipole kit... or wants to augment what they have....

This is a good deal from Larry.  If I didn't already have that stuff, I'd try to buy it myself.

73 de Ray